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Snow Accidents in Canada

TORONTO - As Toronto motorists coped with the city’s first major snowfall this winter, Ontario Provincial Police were dealing with almost 500 crashes in the GTA over 24 hours. Many of the crashes were single-vehicle accidents, police said, including transport trucks skidding. “It’s double what we would typically see on a normal Monday morning,” OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said. “But with the snow and slush in some places, it is making driving treacherous.” Some of the weather-related collisions included a transport truck that jack-knifed on Hwy. 403 and a Kia SUV that slammed into a guardrail after going too fast and losing control near Hwy. 403 and Winston Churchill Blvd. “We have a transport truck in the ditch at (Hwy.) 401 and (Hwy.) 427 right now, so that will be closed for a little while,” he said Monday morning. “They just keep coming in.”